The TYVOX MINI AIR PURIFIER is specifically designed to create an area of clean filtered air around you, making it ideal for using at your home, car or even at your office table. Utilising a  HEPA layered filter to catch and remove harmful toxins, allergens, odor and more.


  • 【Portable & Compact】Easily use in your car, office, home, and more
  • 【Photocatalytic Oxidation】Effectively reduce bacteria and viruses
  • 【HEPA FILTER (PM 2.5)】Sterilize, deodorize, self-clean, and prevent mold all at once
  • 【USB Power】You can connect it to your power bank, car outlet, laptop, etc.
  • 【Add Your LOGO】Promotional Product with Your Brand LOGO
  • 【Made in Taiwan】High-end product with 1-year warranty


  • Car
  • Office
  • Indoor spaces

Technical Data

VoltageDC 5 V
Power1.5 W
Size60 x 60 x 140 mm
Weight (g)420
ContentsAir Purifier x 1

USB Type-C Cable x 1

Instruction manual x 1